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Black and White Boudoir Photos of Annie at Home – Part One

May 27th, 2012

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  • Annie, former fashion model

I went to Annie’s home to do some timeless black and white boudoir photos of her lounging around in her own environment. We agreed on something natural, fun and sexy without revealing too much. I followed Annie around her house for half a day whilst she went about her daily business of choosing what to wear, getting dressed, cooking, reading on her bed, doing yoga in the living room and all the other things woman love to do on their day off. I felt like a fly on the wall.

We chose black and white image processing because of its timeless nature and the way it brings the subject into focus instead of letting your eye be distracted by all the other things around.  We didn’t want it too tidy (no offence Annie) and we thought that her home was the best place to capture that really natural lived in feel, which may have looked a little messy in colour.

Annie, former fashion modelAnnie is a former fashion model and we felt it would be lovely and refreshing to photograph her now as non-model and as unposed as possible so that she could cherish some photos (and give to her fiancé, now husband) of how she looks naturally. She radiates femininity and beauty. She wears little make-up in these photos. None of them have been retouched in any way and her hair has just been left to fall naturally. This shows that you don’t have to be made more beautiful to look gorgeous in my Boudoir photo shoots, although there is a place in my studio for that look too. I love to photograph woman looking either natural or highly styled and all the stages in between; whatever they feel comfortable with. The photos look great no matter what kind of style my clients choose. The important factor is capturing the best angles and features of each woman and bringing out her confidence and feminine figure no matter what shape she has. All shapes are beautiful; we are all different and I spend as much time as necessary ensuring that each woman feels comfortable and reassuring them that they look great in front of my lens.

I am available to go to your home should you wish this kind of black and white Boudoir photo shoot;  just please make sure that you won’t be having lots of visitors on that day. Or any visitors. We can always shoot this type of photograph in my purposely interior designed home if you prefer the reassurance of complete privacy.

I have been asked several times if I would take boudoir photographs for couples. I’m happy to do so as long as there is nothing sexually explicit about it. I only photograph tasteful images though I don’t have a problem photographing refined nude images. I will always discuss your Glamour or Boudoir photo shoot beforehand so there are no embarrassing moments for either of us.

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