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Black and White Boudoir Photos of Annie at Home – Part One


I went to Annie’s home to do some timeless black and white boudoir photos of her lounging around in her own environment. We agreed on something natural, fun and sexy without revealing too much. I followed Annie around her house for half a day whilst she went about her daily business of choosing what to [...]

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Boudoir Photography by Boudoir photographer Lisa Burrett

About Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography first became really fashionable in the 20th century. Some of the most admired examples feature early Hollywood stars like Betty Grable, Mae West, Jean Harlow, etc. Typically boudoir shoots take place in a photographer’s studio or a luxury environment like a hotel suite. Boudoir style photography is a popular form of self-expression, traditionally [...]

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STUDIO Boudoir Photography

Studio Boudoir Photography

Everyone enjoys the privacy of my studio – it’s easy to get to from most parts of the UK, the setting is out of town and the space is just ours to use for as long as you choose. We’re in complete control of the lighting, backdrops and props to help us create just the look you had in mind.

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LOCATION Boudoir Photography

Location Boudoir Photography Featured

Out on location, we can select a setting which totally reflects the character of the shoot: we could find ourselves in a chic cocktail bar, the classic drawing room of a stately home or an exquisite hotel bedroom; outside in season we might be on the beach, in a forest, a flower-filled field or a barn full of hay: the possibilities are endless!

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DESTINATION Boudoir Photography


For a truly unforgettable treat, I use two very special international venues, one in Provence in the South of France and one on the tropical island of Bali. In both places, the quality of the light and the exotic surroundings make for an unbelievably glamorous result. Plus the experience of two nights away that allows us to become totally immersed in the shoot of your dreams.

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