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Boudoir Photography in Snowy Forest-Northamptonshire and London photographer Lisa B

May 14th, 2013

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When I posted a notice on Facebook last month jokingly asking if anyone was up for a Boudoir Shoot in the snow I was surprised by the amount of willing volunteers I had!  Seeing that this was not a chance to be missed I quickly arranged a shoot with best friends Gigi and Naomi.  Because I was worried the snow would melt we started early the next morning. Naomi has just graduated as a fully qualified Hair and Make Up artist so we were all set!

The forest is three minutes away from my studio so we drove laden with feather and fleece coats, hot water bottles, fleecy boots and scarves!  I picked a spot where I knew we would be away from the crowd, which was quite hard as everyone had come out to marvel at this freaky snowy day almost into Summer! I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting…. I know it was a bit of a crazy idea but with the most patient girls gritting their teeth pretending they were in the Bahamas the results were stunning…

I used as many accessories as possible to help keep them “warm”! Long gloves, stockings, feather shrugs etc, all helped to keep at least the snow flakes from landing on their skin…

We drove home to change and to let Naomi and Gigi warm up for a few minutes and have a quick hair and make up change. They were more keen than I was to get back out there!! I had my fantastic assistant David to keep watch for any passers-by so I could quickly cover them with a duvet so they wouldn’t see the girls and also to keep throwing the duvet on them if they started to go blue (so about every minute!) All in all I only photographed them standing in the snow for a few minutes, so they weren’t at too much risk from frost-bite! Although I did keep a very close eye on them…. besides they would have had to be retouched if they went blue! Incidentally none of these photos have been photoshopped or airbrushed in any way. The soft light that was bouncing all around from the snow acted like beauty reflectors and this softened the skin so much there was just no need to do anything. I have added a vintage colour filter just to take the edge off of the white and so there is less contrast and to make the colours more interesting.

It was such a great experience…. I am now planning my next Boudoir Photo session in Bluebells woods, although I know I have to be quick as they will be gone in a week or two….. any body fancy it?

Please send me a message to arrange your unique Boudoir Photo Shoot  I never shoot the same thing twice and excel in making sure your Boudoir session is fun and exhilaration… the photos I hope talk for themselves.

Thank you so much Naomi and Gigi to responding to my facebook notice, it was really meant to be, these opportunities are just too good to be missed, who knows when Salcy Forest in Northampton will look like the Swiss Alps ever again. Also Naomi you did a fantastic job on the Hair and Make up. I hope I can use your talents for some shoots as well sometimes. Keep up the good work. You certainly are creative, hard working and determined. (A great figure too!)

To see Gigi in a tastefully photographed nude shot (yup, in the snowy woods!) please follow this link Tastefully Nude Photography

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