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Bridal Boudoir photography in Fine Boudoir’s gorgeous interior designed studio

May 30th, 2012

One of my most enjoyable sessions was a bridal boudoir theme where I had a lot of fun sourcing great accessories as well as deciding on an appropriate environment. I wanted it to be playful and sensual without being tacky. Sofie and I decided my elegant studio would be the most suitable location since it matched the romantic and regal feel I wanted for this “story”. My studio – formally an eighteenth Century coach house to Horton House was perfect for the kind of shoot I wanted –sensual lighting for a soft romantic feel and idyllic fittings for the era and mood.

Sofie needed little help with posing, though I did gently guide her on occasions. The best poses were elegant without looking forced or exaggerated in any way. The shoot came together like a dream as I always discreetly make sure that everyone works well together as a team, from the make-up and hairstylists to the photographer, and of course my client.

I was so pleased with the results of the bridal boudoir photos that I sent them straight to a magazine that often asks for my best shots. These pictures ultimately appeared in a delightful 5 page glossy spread and Sofie also featured on my Boudoir website. From this a new Bridal Boudoir photography category was created. What a great find!

As with any type of photos, there is always more which can be done. I like to push more creative boundaries and experiment with lots of different types of props and accessories. A wedding florist friend (who happened to be passing by) supplied me with some beautiful seasonal flowers which gave a wonderful backdrop to a further selection of stunning photos. Some great additions to my Bridal Boudoir photography!


Sensual Bridal boudoir photographs can be a wonderful gift for the lucky other-half.  Your partner can’t help but be stunned by their timeless quality and classy sauciness. As well as the joy it’ll give you in presenting a lovely album you’ll have a lot of fun being pampered, enjoying oodles of champagne and being photographed.

Although I am best known as a bridal boudoir photographer in London and Northampton I am willing to travel to other parts of the country. Please look at my sample portfolio and contact me to discuss any of the above.


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