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Boudoir photography is a photo session for any woman wishing to have a set of photos showing off her beauty and body shape in any kind of style she likes.

Women from all walks of life and professions come to me to for a Boudoir photography session.

I will be your photographer (Lisa Burrett). I have been photographing Boudoir for people before it even had a name in the market! And certainly before there were any websites up about it, in fact probably before there was any such thing as the World Wide Web. I am a renowned photographer in Fashion, Lingerie and Beauty and take on a small number of High Profile weddings a year. I am also a former fashion model.

Yes, though there may be a charge for travel expenses and additional time needed to travel. I really enjoy the chance to photograph in new places and some people feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. On the other hand, it can be exciting to go somewhere completely different and to experience how it feels to be on a photographic set.

You may bare as little or as much as you want to. I am comfortable photographing you as long as you are. I just don’t shoot images that are pornographic or cheap looking. Tasteful nudes are fine. And I will guide you into the poses to make sure they look tasteful. The right camera angles and lighting are also especially important with nude photography.

Please visit my Engagement site for ideas on couple shoots. If you prefer to have something that is still discreet but slightly more intimate I would happily discuss ideas with you.

The first hair and make up look will not be counted. It takes one to two hours for hair and make up for the initial look, so please make sure you have scheduled in enough time to allow for this plus my shooting time.

Everyone who is ever in front of my camera is a model! Even my five cats and dog! There are a range of different people on my Boudoir Photography site. There are only two professional models on my site. You will all look just as gorgeous after the Fine Boudoir Photography session, especially if booking the styling option.

You will need to be at least 18. If you are younger and would like me to photograph you please go to my site, where there are many photo ideas that are suitable for under 18′s.


Having been on both sides of the camera I know how to make people feel relaxed and have many ideas and techniques on how to get the best out of a photo session; oodles of champagne is on offer too, which helps!

Nor did I when I first had my photo taken, in fact most people don’t, but with my experience in working with models and non-models I can help to ease you into “Vogue” mode! Music helps a lot as well, so please bring along your favourite CD or tunes on iPod to help you get in the mood. I will have plenty of photo references on hand that match the style of shoot we have agreed on. I will do some homework before the shoot and it would be helpful if you could also look at some references before you stand yourself in front of a mirror and have a practice! Just remember to lock the door!

I think if you have gone this far then you wont! But if on the rare occasion you feel too uncomfortable I can photograph you in a way that is not at all revealing but will still look sensual and sexy. You can even keep all your clothes on or go for a one piece negligée. I’m sure by the end of the session you will be peeling off the layers as you become more comfortable and I turn up the heating so you have no choice! I have never photographed a Boudoir session where my model felt uncomfortable for more than the first thirty minutes.


Do what you would usually do when you are pampering yourself. Removing hair by waxing  or removal cream on your legs and any parts that you want to expose is a must! I like to use backlight quite a lot and even the finest fluff on your bottom can look quite terrible! I can have it retouched but it still looks better naturally smooth. It’s best not to shave as it can leave red bumps.

Don’t use any products on your skin that you have never used before like a face mask or body cream – you just never know if you could be allergic to it.

A manicure and pedicure is an absolute must too. Our make up artist will add colour to compliment the style so it’s best to start with a clear or nude base first. Nude nails often looks best on photos anyway.

Please don’t wear any tight fitting clothes for at least three hours before the photo shoot – it takes a long time for bra straps and spray-on jean seams to disappear!

No! Not unless you want a sun-kissed kind of look. We will discuss this if it’s what you would like, otherwise it’s best to leave your skin natural. And please no sun beds! They are bad for your skin and also can make you red and patchy. And I can’t do too much if you turn up burnt!

I get asked this all the time! Generally women’s legs look great naturally; with the help of careful positioning and sympathetic camera angles your legs will look slim anyway, but yes, we can make them even slimmer in Photoshop® if we think it will enhance the photo. We can also make legs bigger if they look too thin. In fact we can do anything on Photoshop®! But it’s important that the photo still looks like you and we won’t make changes that distort your body shape or face in an obvious way.

If you have any blemishes or tattoos you would rather cover up please let me know before the make up is started. The professional make up artist will cover up as much of the tattoo as she can and then the rest will magically disappear in Photoshop® at no additional charge to you. I also need to know before hand if there are any moles or birthmarks you would rather not see in your photos afterwards. Photo retouching is a very personal thing and it helps me to know how edited you prefer your photos before they are worked on.

Yes, you are welcome to do your own hair and make up, however I really recommend you take advantage of having our professional do it for you. She knows exactly what the camera requires and can create looks that may not have occurred to you.

A dressing gown if you have one which you can slip on between make up changes and going to the loo, etc. Any accessories or lingerie you would like to use for the shoot, and if you would like to have some photographs that are in an evening dress or more fashion based let me know. We will discuss the styles beforehand, or if you prefer us to style you then that is OK too, we have plenty of props, accessories, lingerie, etc., that you can use, much of which is seen on my website.

I do have a vast amount of specialised lingerie, props and accessories, in fact most of the items you can see on my website are available for your Boudoir Photography experience. If you have a special request on the kind of outfit you would like to wear please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will do my best to either purchase it to add to my collection or I can point you in the right direction as to where to buy it. Accessorising is essential to get a complete look  and to make the photos look professional and special.

I have around ten pairs of very classy and sassy shoes, including Jimmy Choos, etc. However, I am not able to keep a huge collection of sizes and they range from size 37 to 40. If your feet are smaller/bigger than this is would be best if you brought your own along. I am really fussy about the details and scruffy, scuffed up shoes on an otherwise spotless Glamour Photography shoot is one of my pet hates!

I love to get inspiration from other photographers and fashion stories or even vintage posters and the like, but I will never copy someone’s work down to a tee as I would be upset if someone did the same to me. Flattered maybe, but still a bit annoyed!


The ones that you have chosen as part of your package and any printed material you wish to purchase will be professionally retouched by one of my expert fashion and beauty retouching gurus!

Not without your permission. I do have a simple contract and there is an opt out part if you prefer your photos not to be published. However, there is a high chance that your photos could end up in a fashion or wedding magazine if you allow me to use your images, since I have great connections with the magazines and they are always very keen to use my photos for their editorials. Who knows, you could end up as a next top model!

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