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Magazine editorial in Hair Salon for Glamour Shoot

June 6th, 2012

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I was commissioned by fashion magazine Eve to photograph a sexy fashionable Glamour or Boudoir shoot for their editorial section. I hired a professional model and chose a hair salon as a location as I wanted something unique and surprising in comparison to a traditional location which is usually used for such shoots. I then mulled over various salon scenarios, such as having hair in rollers, having hair washed and talking on the phone which I thought would be fun and sassy. I rented feature film lights as I felt flash was inappropriate. It’s important to capture some movement in the images, particularly in ones of the model walking upstairs and wasn’t sure there would be enough daylight by the time the salon had emptied of clients.

I get much of my inspiration from these types of glamour photography shoots which I often pass onto my Boudoir clients. The fashion magazine look can be created for everyone with the help of a willing location and a creative mood and it’s refreshing to know that sessions no longer have to be confined to the bedroom or photographic studio. I have unlimited ideas and love to be as creative as my client will allow. I’m always open to suggestions and work hard to make sure that each photo tells a different story.

My background in fashion and beauty photography, as well as my work as a fashion and lingerie model in my youth has made me receptive to outgoing and courageous ideas. I’m proud of my strong fashion edge and my ability to be able to create something that you will never see on any other Boudoir photographer’s website or on any other girlfriend’s wall. I want to present you with photographs of yourself that are unique, gorgeous and alluring.

Many of my Boudoir clients ask “How on earth should I pose?” There should be no worries, as having survived all the stages of fashion poses such as the “Big Pose!” 80′s look to the “No Pose” 90′s look, I can help you create the positions you need to achieve any style of shoot you want. I have a repertoire of vintage, burlesque and other poses up my sleeve to help you. I can supply you with pictures to help you with the best position, coupled with a helping hand on the other side of the camera. After a short while it becomes very natural. There is no harm in trying them all out before the shoot and having your favourite poses printed for me to work on.

If you dare to be different please e-mail me with your fashion editorial ideas for your Boudoir shoot and be as creative as you wish. Or if you have no thoughts then I’m sure to have plenty to share.

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