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Marilyn Monroe Boudoir Photography Shoot With Gorgeous Marta

May 16th, 2013

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Here is a sneak preview of Marta from Northampton posing for me in my UK Boudoir Studio very much in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

Oh what fun we had! My team were outstanding…. Sandra from Chiantis Hair and Beauty (my favourite hair and Make up artist from the UK) created the most magnificent hair do’s and make up to match exactly the styles I had in mind. No… even better than the ones I had in mind. Sandra is SUCH a perfectionalist and we get on so well….

I don’t usually do many Boudoir Photo shoots with a plain studio background but the style I wanted to create was very apt and so we got out the 3 meter wide rolls of paper. Annoyingly as it was the most beautiful day so far this year and we had to block out the entire sun light beaming through my floor to ceiling windows… shame,  I almost decided to change the whole angle of the shoot and take it outside. It was a vast contrast to the Boudoir Photos I had taken in the snow filled forest a few weeks earlier!

Marta was brilliant, although extremely shy to begin with, after a couple of glasses of champagne and a sneak view at the back of my camera to see how stunningly beautiful she looked all of a sudden she opened up and Marilyn came shining through! She told me after the shoot it had given her such a huge confidence boost (and that was before she had even seen the photos!) Marta confided in me that it was a dream come true to be photographed like her heroine Monroe and we utterly enjoyed making this dream come true for her.

Admittedly these photos are retouched slightly but only because the hard lighting I used (to get that Hollywood Style Glamour lighting) shows every single pore on your face! It makes everything look ultra sharp and the harsh shadows it creates is wonderful for your features but  not so great for skin texture no matter how peachy your skin is! It was a very different kind of light to the light experienced for the shoot in the forest that didn’t need any retouching at all due to the soft light bouncing everywhere.

A big huge thank you to Stephen as well for assisting me throughout the shoot and making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed (even though you are a fella!)

I did also play with the colours on photoshop afterwards to help create more of a vintage feel. But I kept the colours subtle. They look fab in Black and White but you will have to wait for my next post to see those. It’s 2am (so please excuse any typos!)and I have to go to bed now! Night x

P.S. To book your Vintage Marilyn Monroe or whoever you fancy to be for the day please send me an enquiry here Fine Boudoir Photography with our expert artistic team we will help create your dream come true in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

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