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“Rocker Chick” Boudoir Shoot for Sue in Northampton – Part One

June 28th, 2012

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Sue is from Northampton and using the Suicide Girls look as inspiration she wanted a set of boudoir photos which would show off her tattoos to their very best. After all, when you’ve just come away from a long term relationship more often than not you need a bit of a boost.

She was showing a few minor signs of nerves as she came through the door but luckily that didn’t last for long. What we did was to sit down and mix and match and discard and try-on an assemblage of clothes and props until we came up with  a look to die for. It didn’t take long for Sue to feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of being photographed in unique clothes and positions.

After a few glasses of sparkly and the familiar beat of some well- known tracks the prospect of being photographed became easier to bear. And when you’re in a familiar (well the music anyway) environment then your inhibitions can fly out of the window. I always ask clients to bring their most loved pieces as they may well not like what I have.  As well as familiar sounds I make sure the room is warm enough… perhaps a little warmer than most people are used to but no one wants goose bumps and hairs on end in the photos!

Finally the photography began and I photographed every tattoo on her body in detail and had fun positioning her in all sorts of angles to show them off as attractively as possible. It really was a great experience working with someone as beautifully tattooed as Sue. Working with the light so as not to bleach or wash the details of the tattoos away was a challenge, whilst still making sure the skin looked lovely and smooth. We found that some of the photos looked better under exposed (darker than the eye sees the image) as it showed off the intricacy and detail.

When Sue came back later to see the photos she was simply bowled over and they hadn’t even been retouched or edited in any way. She wanted the photos left as they were which is an unusual request but she was very happy without any form of touch-ups.

The Boudoir session really worked well for both of us and it was lovely to see her when she walked back through the door a few weeks later with another beautifully applied tattoo and a request for more boudoir photos.

Please contact me with any ideas or suggestions for your boudoir photography. London and Northampton are my most frequent locations but I am more than happy to discuss other locations.

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