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Tasteful Nude Photoshoot Of Beautiful Gigi from Northampton

May 15th, 2013

Nude photo of girl leaning against tree
Beautiful Gigi posing gracefully for Boudoir shoot, not showing she is cold at all! Not sure how she did that! 


Tastefully Nude Photography has to be just that. There is a time and a place for something more daring and erotic photography but to be honest I prefer the more innocent kind of Glamour shoots (not ruling out the other kinds, just my preference!)

Gigi has the most beautiful body and it was a shame to keep it covered up in corsets for every shot, so with a little persuasion she agreed to let me photograph her naked. Her skin looked like velvet, especially in the soft light that was bouncing off every surface because of the snow. I have not had to get this photo retouched at all…. I promise this is all natural. I just added a filter to take a way the glare of the snow and make the photo look more soft and dreamy…

This has got to be one of my favourite Boudoir Shoots ever. Gigi was so patient and I could see her almost meditating to convince herself that it was not minus 8 degrees outside! I felt rather cruel but knew the results would be stunning, she only had to stand naked in the cold for less that a minute and in fact she said it was quite invigorating and did wonders for the look of her nipples! (sorry hope that wasn’t too rude to say!)

I would love to do a shoot like this again… think I might need to wait for a long time to have another chance of such an amazing snow fall in England though.

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I’m planning my next shoot for Bluebell woods. (Keeping the theme going for a while yet!) If anyone is interested in doing a stunning and daring photoshoot with me in the woods before the Bluebells dissappear please contact me at Fine Boudoir Photography 

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