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1930′s Inspired Boudoir Photography by Lisa B

February 28th, 2013

  • Reflection of Chinese girl in Boudoir photoshoot by Lisa Burrett
  • Black and white vintage Boudoir photos by Lisa Burrett at Fine Boudoir Photography
  • Boudoir photo of Chinese girl in corset
  • Sexy photoshoot 1930's inspired
  • Glamour photoshoot by Lisa B at Fine Boudoir
  • Romantic bedroom photo of chinese lady asleep
  • Glamourous vintage make over

A 1930′s inspired Boudoir Shoot was high up on my list for a boudoir shoot.

I was thrilled when asked if I could photograph this lovely lady during my next trip to Hong Kong. (And even more thrilled when she agreed to let me use a handful for my website, thank you if you’re reading!) After she sent me some photos of herself so I could think of a theme I immediately knew what I wanted to shoot. She has such classic and fine features, perfect for what I had in mind. I have always admired the quaint 1930′s oriental advertising posters, the hair, make -up, accessories and furniture are so gorgeous and I found the perfect location for the shoot as well…. we were all set!

It was a fantastic day, so relaxed and enjoyable. We had fun mixing and matching accessories with the corsets and outfits. I think I have a dream job!

I used a lot of ambient and available light, mixed in with some film lighting which is always my favourite to use as it warms up the room quickly and nicely, a bonus when my subject is standing there less than fully clothed…

I am eager to photograph more of these 1920′s / 1930′s inspired settings, so please do contact me if it something you would like to do as well…. I never shoot the same thing twice, I love new ideas, new props, outfits and I absolutely love enthusiasm and ideas from the person I am photographing. It’s a real team effort, from the Make-up artist, Hair-stylist to the props, clothes and locations and the most important part of the shoot is the person being photographed. It is always a lot of fun.

A boudoir shoot should be tried by everyone at least once in their life time, I can not tell you how many woman (and the occasional fella!) have walked away from my photo shoots feeling so much more confident about themselves. It’s the best part of my job. I love to make people feel positive about themselves and their body. To bring out the beauty that they might have somehow missed through some misconception they have about themselves. I get shocked how many woman tell me they are so unattractive and have a horrible body shape yet when they turn up and reveal their body they are totally gorgeous. I feel sad that they feel this way and hope that by through my photos they can see the true beauty that they possess… I challenge anyone not to look desirable and sensual in front of my lens. No matter what shape or size and with none or very little photoshopping. (unless requested by you!)

For more information about my Boudoir Make-overs and how to become a bolder person give me a shout! Contact me hereĀ 

Well behaved guys are welcome too!

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